8mm Laminate Bowery Oak Flooring 23.45sfct

$2.99 per sq ft

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 23.45
Total Price $70.12


Introducing TORLYS Smart Floors laminate from the Avenue collection, featuring the stunning Bowery Oak color. This laminate flooring boasts the TORLYS™ Low Swell Smart Core (HDF) for exceptional stability and resistance to moisture. The micro-beveled edges add subtle definition to each plank, creating an authentic woodgrain look. Designed as planks, this laminate offers a versatile and stylish flooring option for various spaces. With an AC4 wear layer, it provides excellent durability and resistance to wear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. The 8mm thickness ensures a solid and substantial feel underfoot. Additionally, the TORLYS Smart Floors laminate is scratch-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting and pristine appearance. The Uniclic system with gap resistance allows for easy and hassle-free installation. Moreover, this laminate is waterproof, providing added protection against spills and moisture. Enjoy the beauty and durability of TORLYS Smart Floors laminate in the Avenue collection with the Bowery Oak color, and transform your space with a stunning and reliable flooring solution.